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Sprinkle Some Fairy Dust over Your Holiday Spread with Candles

Now that we have Halloween over with we can officially start planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Something I've become obsessed with and found myself continually collecting is candleholders. Candles can bring warmth and a magical glow to your dining table and your home. They are my go-to when it comes to decorating for holidays, special occasions, or just when I want to make everyday a little bit more special. What holder you choose to use to display them is as important as the candles themselves. One of my favorite simple tricks is to simply stack the candleholders up on a shelf, mantel, or in a display cabinet after use, and they just make the perfect decorative "clutter" for your home.

For anyone who needs some inspiration for their Thanksgiving table set, I set up this fall themed picnic table at @ablackaframe a few weeks ago (when it was still warm enough to have an outdoor dinner).

I was a bit tired of the traditional fall themed colors - orange/black and white checker pattern - and decided some pink bunny tail and pampas grass are the perfect centerpiece. Combined with the yellow hand dipped candles and brass candleholders, it’s so dreamy and warm, and no one could say it’s not “fall” enough.

I have been collecting brass candleholders from every thrift store or estate sale I’ve been to for a while. It was very satisfying to bring them out and use them here. To make it more interesting, I used some pleated tea light candleholders to mix up the styles. (Fun fact: the glass vases are actually tea light candleholders too. They are just the taller version of the short ones. I’ve attached links to them later in this post if anyone is curious - they also come in a medium size which obviously I had to have too.)

Everything just became magical instantly when the candles were lit up! It was such a fun experience. If you switch out the white sheer fabric in the middle with fall leaf garlands (pine branches, maple leaves, etc.), it would just become the perfect table-scape for Thanksgiving.

Here I gathered some of my favorite brass candleholders, taper candles and tea light candleholders if you’d like to have a similar look for your holiday tables, or create something different but with similar elements, or just put them somewhere in your home as decorations. (The ones with * are the product I used here.)

Brass Candleholders:

1. Terrain Antiqued Brass Candlestick $22-32

2. Anthropologie Cursive Candlestick $22-32

3. Target 3pc Aluminum Taper Candle Holders Gold - Threshold™ $25

4. Crate&Barrel Emmett Antique Brass Taper Candle Holders $18.95-26.95



7. Pottery Barn Booker Candlesticks, Brass, Set of 4 $78

8. Urban Outfitters Elizabeth Antiqued Taper Candle Holder $14-18

Taper Candles:

1.BURKE DECOR Fancy Taper Candles in Various Sizes & Colors $21-37

2. Urban Outfitters Ombre Taper Candle Set $12

3. REJUVENATION Hand-dipped 13" Taper Candles Set of 10 $34

4. Amazon Hyoola 9 Inch Beeswax Taper Candles 12 Pack $25.99

5. Target Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia 10" Beeswax Blend Taper Candles Set of 2 $3.99 *

6. Crate&Barrel 12" Ivory Taper Candles, Set of 6 $9.95

7. Amazon 100 Percent Pure Beeswax Taper Candles. Box of 4 / 9.5 Inch $13.49

8. Willians-Sonoma Fall Colored Tiny Taper Candles, Set of 12 $16.95

9. The Home Depot 12 in. Dipped Taper Rust Dinner Candle (Box of 12) $43.32

10. BLOOMINGDALE'S Mole Hollow Candles Dripless 12" Taper Candles, 2 Pairs $15

11. Amazon Mega Candles 12 pcs Unscented Black Taper Candle $14.99

12. West Elm Fancy Tapers, 10", Petal $26.50

Tea light Candleholders:

1 .Amazon Serene Spaces Living Set of 4 Clear Ribbed Glass Votive Holders 2.25" Tall $22 *

2. CB2 Onyx Tea Light Candle Holder $39.95

3. Amazon Handmade Pebble Tea Light Candle Holder $15.99

4. CB2 Hex Crystal Tea Light Candle Holders Set of 3 $89.95

5. Perigold Valkea 2.3" Glass Tabletop Votive Holder $25

6. CB2 Betty Clear Tea Light Candle Holder $3.50

7. World Market Clear Glass Embossed Dot Tealight Candleholder $2.99-3.99

8. Wayfair Loredana Small Wood Tealight Holder $21.99

9. ARHAUS river stone tealight holder $12

10. Pottery Barn Helen Tea Light Candle Holders, Set of 3 $19.50

11. CB2 Betty Smoke Tea Light Candle Holder $3.50

12. Walmart Primitive Vintage Tealight Tea Light $11.75

Sometimes it's the little, subtle touches that make all the difference in the end. I hope these will be helpful making your holiday spread just as special and magical as it can be!




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